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NOMADS Provide Valuable Service to Camp & Retreat Centers

NOMADS Provide Valuable Service to Camp & Retreat Centers

They’re fondly referred to as Nice Older Methodists Avoiding Deep Snow; and for sure, most would rather find themselves in a sunny climate as opposed to cold weather. Their website states that they “follow the sun”. Truthfully, the NOMADS are mission minded individuals looking for retirement with a purpose (the real acronym is a self-referential one: “Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service”). They enjoy traveling in RV’s, want to share their Christian faith, and are content using their skills in service to others. Their stated mission is “rebuilding lives, homes and facilities with God’s love and our hands.”

Camp & Retreat Ministries is profoundly grateful for the many hours of generous labor performed by this hard-working, deeply committed group of servants who, in 2012 alone, gifted Asbury, Casowasco & Findley with many hours of work. Because of the wide variety of skills throughout the group, numerous projects from organizing storage closets to renovating bathrooms were undertaken and professionally completed.

Asbury Camp & Retreat Center hosted nine (9) NOMADS for the very first time from August 27th – September 13th receiving over 756 hours of volunteer labor. Projects completed included installation of electrical service in meetings rooms, renovation of bathrooms, installation of beverage counters, repair of sidewalks, repair/upgrade of the commercial kitchen, addition of a ramp to Willmott Lodge, exterior staining of one of the buildings, and deep cleaning.

Showers Hall (named after Dr. R.S. Showers) at Findley Camp & Retreat Center was blessed to have some significant improvements, including fresh paint on the first floor and renovated bathrooms with two (2) new shower units on the second floor. Smith House received a fresh coat of paint and the RV bathhouses were renovated.

A bathroom in Casowasco Camp & Retreat Center’s Capernaum Lodge was expanded, adding an extra toilet and shower, and greatly increasing convenience for guest groups and summer campers alike. Additionally the five (5) couple crew was able to renovate a wall in the commercial kitchen and complete several painting projects in and around Emmaus Commons. This was the 18th year that Casowasco has hosted NOMADS. 

“NOMADS have been a blessing to work with for many years,” said Kevin Dunn, Assistant Director at Casowasco. “Many of the enhancements at Casowasco over the years have only been possible because of the annual NOMAD crews. Our staff is always thrilled for the extra hands, but more importantly is grateful for the knowledge that is shared and the community that is built. ”

Posted on November 12th by Mike Huber